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Consider a force F.  If the x-component F_x = 3.0 N, and the y-component F_y = 4.0 N, what is the magnitude of F?
If the mass of an object is 5.0 kg, what is the weight of the object?
If the force applied to an object is 50.0 N, and the mass of the object is 5.0 kg, what is the acceleration of the object?
An object of mass 10.0 kg is falling down under the influence of gravity, but an upwards tension force of 50.0 N is applied to the object.  What is the acceleration of the object,if upwards is considered the positive direction?
Consider an object to which a force is being applied in the horizontal plane, without the influence of friction.  If the force on the object is doubled, the acceleration of the object will be

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